1. Garden Fitness

    By: Kylie Thompson, BS, CPT & Intelligent Fitness Gardener! Your garden is an unlikely location for exercise that provides so many physical and mental health benefits. When you’re absorbed with what’s going on in your garden, you’re not thinking about what happened earlier in the day, giving you a way to unwind. Not to mention the benefits of being outside in the sunshine. Gardening util…Read More

  2. A Quick Look at Hormones & Gut Health

    A Quick Look At Hormones & Gut Health By: Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMSC Ah… the great topic of hormones! When you think of hormones, things such as mood swings, weight gain, puberty, menopause, or stress might come to mind. These are all very real effects of hormones working in the body. Hormones are a necessary part of your body’s total functioning. Without them you wouldn’t survive. A…Read More

  3. Antioxidants and Why You Need More of Them

    By: Philip Palmer BA, CPT, GEI As you walk through the grocery store and pass aisle upon aisle of food you might recall past conversations where those foods came up. Some of these conversations might have been educational or noteworthy like when someone might comment “oh you should eat that because it has….” while others might have been more of a warning like “you shouldn't eat that becaus…Read More

  4. Setting SMART Goals for Fitness and Weightloss

    It’s the same thing every year. On January 2, you hit the gym with every intention of making this “your year”. You know that this time you have to stick to it. You tell yourself, “I have to go to the gym at least five days a week, and by spring break I”ll be looking good!” Or maybe you just want to feel better and have more energy. You’ve heard that working with a personal trainer ca…Read More

  5. Running Form Drills

    By: Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMSC and lifelong runner! For many years during my early days of running and all through college, form drills were a routine part of practice. They were often the fun part, as we got to skip, jump, hop and move in ways that seemed more like play than work. Little did I realize how much these simple drills did to help me become a better runner. I know better now. Form …Read More

  6. Plan of Attack

    By Josh Sample, BA Have you ever wanted to accomplish a fitness goal (or any goal really) and felt that you’ve had all the motivation in the world and have no plan of attack? Or perhaps you’ve got a plan and lack motivation? Maybe you’ve even started a path in the past, or you're in one now, and just get burned out? My advice is to start at the beginning. Before working towards the goal, bef…Read More

  7. What Can Intelligent Fitness Do For You?

    It’s difficult to get in shape. While many Americans realize that they’re overweight and pretty out-of-shape, they find it extremely challenging to work out or go to the gym. Diet fads only lead to temporary weight loss and unpleasant mood swings, and gym memberships go unused. Let’s face it: it’s easy to realize that you need to drastically improve your fitness, but very difficult to foll…Read More

  8. Optimize Your Sleep: Leave the Light Off

    By: Kylie Thompson, BS, CPT What do you do before you go to bed? Most often, I find the answer revolves around checking email, mindlessly scrolling on social media, and watching television. This late night screen time could be costing you a great night's sleep. The culprit causing your sleep to suffer may be the blue light emitted from the device you are using to read this article. In order to und…Read More

  9. Why It’s a Good Idea to Override Your Mind

    By: Dria Spencer, CF-L1 In my senior year of college, I discovered late fees at the library when I checked out this book right before summer break. That’s right, I had every intention of reading it, but it was old and looked less exciting than working out in the sun during summer break. Little did I know, I would get hooked on it once I got into this old book of research studies done in the 1960…Read More

  10. Why RIGHT NOW?

    By: Shannon Ortiz, LPCCS, RYT200, SPS What is your WHY? Many life coaches, motivational speakers, and yes, even counselors (including me!), will challenge people to find their WHY? Their purpose. The mistake we often make is we immediately think big picture. If it’s a fitness goal, maybe it’s to lose 30 pounds or set a 5k PR. If it’s job or business related, maybe it’s to quit your job an…Read More