1. Our Conventional Food System!

    A Food System includes all the processes involved in feeding a population; all things from growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consumption, and disposal of food and food-related items. Over the past 50 years or so our food system has developed into what is often termed the Conventional Food System. In the United States the government developed this system, which ai…Read More

  2. Why We Push So Hard

    Last week a client of ours died unexpectedly. Although he did have quite a few health problems, he began training about 6 months ago and was trying to make changes. Things like this open our eyes and make us, as Trainers, ask "what else could we have done? What if he had started a year earlier - would he have had 10 more years to live?" His passing reminded me of this blog I wanted to share with y…Read More

  3. How Much Is Enough?

    Everyone wants to change. They want to... eat better, stress less, play more, feel better, exercise! CHANGE. But it's not whether you want to change, it's whether you want to change ENOUGH. Are you willing to say I 'll take a water instead of a coke or a beer - everytime? Are you willing to get up at 4:45 to get to the gym by 5 - everyday? Change takes work, change takes effort - change, oddly eno…Read More

  4. Recover From Your Workout With Food!

    Here is something not many of our clients either know or acknowledge… Eating the right foods at the right time after a workout will speed your recovery, let you workout again quicker, and improve your body’s ability to maintain muscle tissue, all of which are how you can make consistent progress in your training. So when you see your friend at the Y who has been working out forever and she sti…Read More

  5. Dig Deep

    By Hannah Alderfer, B.A., CPT "Dig deep." That's the phrase the designers decided to print on the shoelaces of my Brooks Launch coral-colored running shoes. That phrase passed through my mind more than once during the 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon on Monday April 20th. For just over 3 hours, I not only had to dig deep into my physical capabilities and push past increasing fatigue and soreness,…Read More

  6. 6 Tips for Runners

    By Hannah Alderfer, B.A., CPT It’s springtime and many of you will begin to make your way outside to do a variety of activities that you’ve been waiting all winter long to do. Some of you will garden, some will get out the golf clubs, and others will begin running again. For those of you who plan to start running, whether it is routine or periodic, follow the 6 tips below to find yourself runn…Read More

  7. Post-Workout Recovery!

    The food you eat throughout the day is, of course, very important. However, the food you eat after a workout may be even more important. Your body reacts to food after a workout differently than it would throughout the rest of the day. When you consume particular nutrients post-workout, you can improve body composition, recovery, and overall performance. There are three goals for post-workout nutr…Read More

  8. History of the Burpee

    By Joe Cartwright, B.A., CPT The burpee. What a love-hate relationship we have with this exercise. Why is it called a burpee, and who was the twisted person that invented this exercise? The history may surprise you; what was intended for good has been turned into a beast of an exercise that was blown way out of proportion. According to the Huffington Post, the burpee today is nothing like it used …Read More

  9. We Love Our Clients!

    We love our clients. You let us have a career we love while working with the most fun & interesting people. (And getting to come to work in workout clothes is a bonus also!) So here are just a few reasons why we love you! Donut Saturday Disco Saturday Only missing a workout when you are sick or on vacation – for over a decade! The “Foam” roller Finally becoming a “Real Client” There …Read More

  10. What We Do

    There are times even Trainers have burnout... when we need picked up, dusted off, kicked in the butt and put back in the gym... when we need inspiration to keep the day moving forward. We get these things from our clients. Training isn't just a job, an hour with a client, or a little motivational email. It is our life, what we do and who we are. But do you really know who we are? We are not a main…Read More