1. It’s What We Do.

    Now that Intelligent Fitness is back on Facebook, I started looking around on it at all the other Fitness Trainers in our area. And first, let me start by saying that I realized we are NOT like other fitness trainers. We are NOT out to get you a better butt, ripped abs or to lose 40 lbs. in 4 weeks. That's nice, but for us, that's not real. Our clients want the better butt or ripped abs (and we'll…Read More

  2. Are You Really Starting Over?

    We all hear the horror stories of losing everything you worked so hard for when you take a break from working out, but are they really true? Well, technically yes they are; however, it's only true if your sabbatical lasts two weeks or longer. Let's break that down a little more... Your body has two different types of muscle fibers: type I muscle fibers and type II muscle fibers. Type I muscle fibe…Read More

  3. Seeing Food In New Light

    The following article was written by our very own Hannah Alderfer. Hannah has always been a great writer and contributor to our update. But this article exemplifies why I am proud to call her one of the Intelligent Fitness Team. I hope you get as much out of this as I did! You would think as a personal trainer and runner that I always view food appropriately. But my question to you is what does th…Read More

  4. What’s the Deal with Trans Fats?!

    We are all aware of the huge push to delete trans fats from our foods since the early 2000’s, but do you know why? Inspired by an article on examine.com, I thought I would fill you in on the dirty details of trans fats. First of all, what are they? Trans fats are actually unsaturated fatty acids that are a byproduct of partially hydrogenated oils. Don’t get too caught up on the jargon; focus m…Read More

  5. What to do when the WEATHER is HOT!

    (and one Intelligent Personal Trainer!) Hot, sticky, slow-and that's how you feel before you head outdoors for some exercise or to do yardwork. Your workout can feel twice as hard since your body tires faster in high heat. And with all the hot and humid days we’ve been having these tips will be critical to making the best of the weather. Here's how to last longer and be safer when the mercury ri…Read More

  6. Joe’s Tips for Self Myofascial Release!

    A little more sore than usual from that backyard football game? Gardening A LOT? Outside running around with your kids or grandkids? Check out Joe's tips to help you loosen up your muscles with myofascial release!  …Read More

  7. Our Conventional Food System!

    A Food System includes all the processes involved in feeding a population; all things from growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consumption, and disposal of food and food-related items. Over the past 50 years or so our food system has developed into what is often termed the Conventional Food System. In the United States the government developed this system, which ai…Read More

  8. Why We Push So Hard

    Last week a client of ours died unexpectedly. Although he did have quite a few health problems, he began training about 6 months ago and was trying to make changes. Things like this open our eyes and make us, as Trainers, ask "what else could we have done? What if he had started a year earlier - would he have had 10 more years to live?" His passing reminded me of this blog I wanted to share with y…Read More

  9. How Much Is Enough?

    Everyone wants to change. They want to... eat better, stress less, play more, feel better, exercise! CHANGE. But it's not whether you want to change, it's whether you want to change ENOUGH. Are you willing to say I 'll take a water instead of a coke or a beer - everytime? Are you willing to get up at 4:45 to get to the gym by 5 - everyday? Change takes work, change takes effort - change, oddly eno…Read More

  10. Recover From Your Workout With Food!

    Here is something not many of our clients either know or acknowledge… Eating the right foods at the right time after a workout will speed your recovery, let you workout again quicker, and improve your body’s ability to maintain muscle tissue, all of which are how you can make consistent progress in your training. So when you see your friend at the Y who has been working out forever and she sti…Read More