1. The Invisible Universe Within

    By Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMS Justin Sonnenburg, a microbiologist at Stanford, suggests that the next step toward good health may be when we realize we are “an elaborate vessel optimized for the growth and spread of our microbial inhabitants.” In 2003, the Human Genome Project, the international scientific research project with the goal of identifying and mapping all of the genes of the hum…Read More

  2. New Kicks for Kids!

    Working with young athletes a lot has kept me up to date on all the new fashion trends in sports and athletic apparel. The kids come in to the gym wearing the newest and coolest in athletic gear. I'm a big proponent of the saying “look good, play good”, but there's also a need to make sure that the equipment being used is the best to accomplish the task at hand. This article is meant to inform…Read More

  3. Common Myths About Aerobic Exercise

    Have you ever heard ridiculous claims like “Sprinting for twenty minutes straight makes you drop twenty pounds” or something along the lines of “I cured my cancer by running a local 5k!”? If you’ve been subjected to people seriously spouting these claims like they’re the truth, then you’ve been a victim of cardio myths. The horror! With so many people believing so many different thin…Read More

  4. Simple Solutions for Tight Hips

    By Hannah Alderfer, Trainer, Runner, Stretcher Have you ever thought about the complexity of what it takes to sit, stand, walk, run, or perform a variety of other movements involving your hip joint? The hip joint is quite complex and can also be the cause of a lot of pain if not taken care of. You aren’t alone if you’ve ever had to deal with hip tightness, low back pain, knee pain, or bad post…Read More

  5. See You In Class!

    By Mel Neading, BS & class enthusiast  As we grow ever closer to the Grand Opening of our NEW facility, some changes have begun to take place.  We as trainers have adapted a few new techniques that we know will help our clients become stronger, healthier, and happier!!  I talked about the FMS screen in a previous blog and how the screen helped us as trainers to put everyone into a proper le…Read More

  6. Why Our Personal Fitness Program Offers Corrective Exercise

    Fitness and personal training are some of the best, healthiest, and hard-earned ways to spend your time. That being said, getting in shape isn’t just for those who have properly functioning muscles or a normal range of motion - many people come into a personal training gym after getting into some sort of accident, or they might have a condition that limits the use of their muscles. While you’r…Read More

  7. What Level Are You?

    By Melanie Neading, BS & a "3"More than likely, one of your recent training appointments began with your trainer holding a board in one hand and a pole in the other announcing your training is going to begin with a screening.  As you moved through your screening the initial panic probably wore off and you realized it really wasn't that bad!  So what EXACTLY was that all about???  A test to…Read More

  8. My (Surprising!) Go-To Organic Grocery Shopping Location

    by Hannah Alderfer, Organic Eating Personal Trainer! Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Earth Fare, Raisin Rack, Costco. These are the stores where many of us know we can find wholesome, organic products, but we also know it comes at a cost. If you could spend less money on quality, organic groceries, wouldn’t you? Utilizing local markets and farmers is a great way to do this, but that option isn’t …Read More

  9. The Benefits of HIIT Exercises With Your Personal Trainer

    You may have heard about the ‘HIIT’ method when it comes to vigorously exercising and getting in shape, but what does it mean, and how can it benefit your fitness training? No, ‘HIIT’ doesn’t refer to actually hitting things as a means of workout (though we suppose that using a punching bag could be beneficial), but we’ll get into the nuances and benefits of HIIT exercises a little fur…Read More

  10. Homeopathic Health 101

    By Reese Floyd, forward-thinking CPT! As we strive to be healthy beings we exercise, eat a proper balanced diet, and avoid illness to the best of our abilities. However time and again sickness strikes and we go to the medicine cabinet. We measure a dose, chase it with some water, and we play the waiting game. What if there was a more natural way of treating what ails us? In homeopathy, the thought…Read More