dreamstime_xxl_34702582Imagine this-

You’d rather wear athletic wear than business casual any day, you’d prefer to use a barbell instead of a keyboard, and you’d rather help others achieve happiness through health and wellness than waste away another day behind the blaze of a computer screen.

At Intelligent Fitness, we know these signs as the beginnings of own our desires to become certified personal trainers. This is not a career that the majority of individuals want and that’s what makes us special. It is our job to provide guidance to help individuals achieve their health, fitness, performance, and personal goals through the implementation of exercise regimes, nutritional suggestions, and lifestyle modifications. These are the steps to becoming a personal trainer like us:

  • Look in the mirror- you are your most important client, decide who you want to be
  • Research and then more research- define goals and learn how to get there
  • Choose a study program- choose where to invest in your goals
  • Study, study, study- it’s time to train your brain
  • Register for the exam- training isn’t just for the body, push the limits of your mind and learn how to become the trainer you want to be
  • Pass the exam- bring your A game and get it done
  • Look for a job- it’s time to practice what you’ve trained for and find the culture you need to bring your clients and yourself success
  • Maintain your certification- continue to be your best self for yourself and your clients
  • Practice what you preach- set an example by showing your clients how obtainable their goals can be with the dedication you provide very day

As fitness professionals, we aspire to change the world, one person at a time. While we share in this common goal, there are so many ways to implement this success. For us, we found that goal in Intelligent Fitness. Discover who we are and give us a call to get started on your dreams today.