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Imagine this: you’ve just completed a small group fitness training session here at Intelligent Fitness Personal Training, your muscles are sore but satisfied, and in your sweat-soaked clothing, you’re headed home. After feeling like you’ve earned the right to be a little bit lazy, you start streaming Netflix, embracing the soft support of your couch. After watching for awhile, you get up to use the restroom, only to find yourself extremely light headed and needing to grab onto something not to fall over. Sound familiar? Hopefully not, but this is what can happen when you don’t replenish your body with nutrients right after you exercise.

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To help you avoid such a situation, our certified personal trainer experts in North Canton are going to cover the importance of post-workout nutrition in today’s blog post. While eating the right kind of foods is very important before going into a workout, what you put into your body afterward is just as important. In our previous blog post, we took a good look at what type of foods to eat before you exercise, which, again, is certainly something to keep in mind. By putting the best food into your body before and after exercise, you’ll get way more out of the experience, and your body and mind will thank you in the process.

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Don’t Wait Too Long To Eat After Exercising

The title says it all. It’s important to replenish your body’s glycogen supplies after vigorous exercise, as they have been depleted in order to provide you with an energy source for your workout. Eating protein after a workout is also important, as protein aids with muscle recovery, especially after weight training. If you aren’t hungry or you’re not able to eat a full meal shortly after your workout is over, at least have a snack within twenty or thirty minutes of your training, and then eat a full meal a few hours later. Ideally, your post-workout meal should be high in complex carbohydrates such as quinoa and brown rice, and contain plenty of healthy protein like tofu, beans, fish, and so forth.

Moderate How Much You’re Eating

Again, you don’t want to wait too long to eat after you’ve finished exercising, but at the same time, you also don’t want to eat too much. After all, if you’re trying to lose weight, what’s the point of working hard to burn all of those calories if you’re going to consume more than you burned? For those who are intentionally trying to gain weight, this makes sense, but otherwise, it is counterproductive. If possible, skip the energy drinks, bars, and sugary smoothies after your workout to stick to vegetables, complex carbs and lean sources of protein.

We Can’t Stress Hydrating Enough

Have you heard an old joke along the lines of “hydrate or die?” It’s a funny way to remind someone to drink water, but it’s also true, because those are literally our only options. Well, due to all the sweat that you purged out of your system during your workout, you’ll need to replenish adequate amounts of water that your body lost.

Getting enough water after exercise does depend on a number of factors, primarily the length and intensity of the exercise, the environmental conditions, and your individual physiology. The color of your urine is also a good indicator of how hydrated you are (or aren’t) – if it’s closer to a dark yellow color, you’re dehydrated. Urine that’s more of a clear or light yellow color indicates that your system has plenty of fresh water, and this is what you should shoot for before, during and after a workout. Really, it would be ideal to hydrate this much just about all of the time, but alas, people are busy and “life” gets in the way. But make no mistake, go a few hours without any water and you’ll start to feel pretty crappy. Exercise will only exacerbate this feeling.

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