The human body is absolutely incredible. This dynamic, organic set of mass is capable of achieving many things that no other life form on earth can achieve. While we’re so delicate as to contract a life-threatening illness from a virus transmitted by air particles, we’re so able to withstand great deals of pain and, ultimately, rewrite the limitations of the human body.

Why the epic introduction? Perhaps this foray into our blog post will serve as some much-needed inspiration for our readers to get out the door today and head down to our personal training gym in Greentown. As fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we’re captivated by these monumental athletic achievements and we’d like to share them with you in today’s blog post.

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Below are a few examples of athletes that truly pushed the boundary of what was considered possible.

Nike Attempts to Break a Two-Hour Marathon

For those not familiar with race times, we’ll start out by saying that, prior to Nike’s attempt with three world-class distance athletes, no one had even come close to breaking the two-hour marathon mark. In order to run a 1:59:59, that means averaging an insane 4:35/mile pace over 26.2 miles. Most people can’t even hold such a fast running pace for more than a quarter mile!

The short documentary that Nike produced in tandem with National Geographic tells an inspiring yet humbling story of pushing past the physiological barriers — and fears of the body collapsing under the sheer amount of strain for such an extended period — of these three champion long-distance runners. Unfortunately, Eliud Kipchoge world record time fell short by about 25 seconds. Regarded as perhaps one of the greater modern marathoners of all time, he still managed to shatter the world’s previous marathon world record by an impressive two minutes and 27 seconds!

Breaking the 4-Minute Mile

Averaging a 4:35/mile pace over such a long distance is nothing shy of flat-out ridiculous, but shaving 36 seconds off of this pace for just one mile is impossible — or, at least, it was impossible. Back in the 1940s, the world record for the mile was set at four minutes and one second, a record that surely needed to be broken. Sure enough, Sir Roger Bannister of the UK, a man who failed to medal at the Olympics, managed to run a 3:59:4 under less-than-ideal conditions. Though he was absolutely exhausted crossing the finish line, he made it just fine and no, his body didn’t “explode” like some people honestly thought it would.

Breaking The Long Jump Record

Bob Beamon’s long jump record of an impressive 8.90 meters was untouched for nearly a quarter of a century — 23 years to be precise. It wasn’t until 1991 that Beamon’s record was broken twice in the same day. Carl Lewis managed to break this record by a thin margin of 8.91, and though it was technically wind-aided, Mike Powell followed up with another immediate record breaker of 8.95 meters. Since then, the closest long jump has seen set at 8.74 meters.

The Fastest Man In The World

Who could forget about Usain Bolt’s epic 2009 Olympic performance? Since the Berlin Olympics, no one has managed to touch his world record for 100 meters (9.58 seconds) and 200 meters (19.19 seconds). It’s truly staggering how it’s possible for the human body to perform at these levels.

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