Fitness and personal training are some of the best, healthiest, and hard-earned ways to spend your time. That being said, getting in shape isn’t just for those who have properly functioning muscles or a normal range of motion – many people come into a personal training gym after getting into some sort of accident, or they might have a condition that limits the use of their muscles. While you’re probably familiar with the notion of physical therapy or PT to help the body recuperate from a disease, accident or condition, you might be pleasantly surprised at some of the benefits that corrective exercise offers.

Train Safely And ‘Intelligently’ With Us

At Intelligent Fitness Personal Training, we work with you to focus on your personal development both inside and outside of the gym. An important aspect of working with you is to make sure that we’re doing that safely. Injury mitigation, as well as re-training muscles, is a major aspect of physical therapy, personal training and corrective exercise, and in today’s blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the details of corrective exercise. Please feel free to visit this page to learn more about our personal training programs!

What Is Corrective Exercise, Exactly?

Typically, corrective exercise concerns an area of fitness training that targets a specific area or a specific muscle path in the body. By definition, corrective exercise refers to a movement or exercise that’s chosen to correct a specific dysfunction. While plenty of exercises have universal utility, corrective exercises only work if you have a problem or condition that warrants a particular exercise. A common misunderstanding about corrective exercise is that there’s one ultimate way to teach something that works for everyone, but in reality, it’s purely relative to whatever one’s situation is.

Staying Healthy And Performing Optimally

The ‘slowed down’ nature of corrective exercises can tend to frustrate more serious athletes, because let’s be real – no one wants to activate their glutes for 30 minutes straight. However, it’s worth mentioning that some of the best and most experienced coaches know that keeping their athletes healthy and performing at the highest level out on the field is the most important thing that they can do. They know that the appropriate corrective exercises for each player, in conjunction with performance training, lead to great results.

Progressions And Regressions

Understanding how progressing and regressing works in relation to your corrective exercise program is quite beneficial to understanding the entire context of the workout plan. Regressions will help ensure that you’re performing safely and successfully by not hurting yourself – an extremely important part of a successful corrective exercise plan. On the other hand, progressions will help you move toward the ‘big picture’ by providing you with tangible, noticeable and quantifiable progress from when you started corrective exercise to where you currently are. Not only are regressions and progressions crucial and creative parts of a corrective exercise regimen, but they’ll also assist you in pain appeasement and pain management – after all, no one wants to suffer through intense levels of pain. Just remember to be patient and give it time when it comes to getting stronger and healthier, because it will eventually happen!

Personalized Corrective Exercise Training

While coaches should integrate corrective exercise into a team or group training setting, doing so is different than practicing corrective exercise training in the context of one-on-one training with one of our certified personal trainers here at Intelligent Fitness. You can trust that you’ll get far more attention than if you were training in a large group setting like a high school, collegiate, or professional athletics organization. Rather, as an individual client, every move that you make is planned, programmed and optimized to meet your specific needs and goals as they relate to your baseline fitness level.

Get To Know Us As We Get To Know You!

We’re not going to get into the details about what sort of corrective exercises you would actually perform with us at Intelligent Fitness Personal Training, because that’s for both of us to discover when we get to understand what your training needs actually are. Make no mistake, personal training is the ultimate way to receive as much attention as you possibly can to get the best, most efficient results for your benefit. Questions? Get in touch with a personal fitness instructor from our Greentown and North Canton gym today!

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