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If you ate an entire plate of spaghetti twenty minutes before your workout to “carbo load” or you jumped straight into a run wearing your street clothes, then you’re doing it wrong. Here at Intelligent Fitness Personal Training, we’ve seen some interesting mistakes that people have made over the years, and by writing about some of these fitness things, hopefully we can prevent people from repeating these actions. Well, we hope, at least.

Our North Canton Personal Trainers Can Help You Exercise Safely

To help you train safely and properly – think of us as guiding you through your fitness journey, if you will – that’s why Intelligent Fitness Personal Training offers small group fitness classes as well as a number of specialized, certified personal training services. By teaching our North Canton and Greentown community things like proper exercise form, how to warm up and cool down, and how to eat in a way that complements exercise, we’re helping people get healthier day in and day out. What could be more important than your health? Learn more about our work as North Canton certified personal trainer experts by checking out our philosophy.

Now, in the hopes of helping other people avoid these common workout mistakes, here are some things that many people tend to do when it comes to exercise.

Mistake: Concentrating On A Single Area Of The Body

Here’s a good way to think about your body: Imagine your body as a carefully balanced composition of symmetry, in which focusing on certain muscle groups and movements can exclude other parts of your body, causing imbalances. Really, your body is only as strong as your weakest link.

So, don’t just do one form of exercise – if you’re pressed for time, we recommend doing short but high-intensity exercises (HIIT) on all areas of the body, as this is also a great way to improve your aerobic fitness. In terms of using certain areas of your body, it’s also worth noting that another common mistake people make is that they work in a limited range of motion. When performing strength exercises using weights, it’s very important to employ a full range of motion.

Mistake: Not Getting Enough Sleep And Exercising Late At Night

Generally speaking, most people don’t get enough sleep as it is, but you should really be striving for eight hours of true sleep – not just time spent laying in bed (no, browsing Facebook on your phone does not count as sleep). While working out during the morning hours is ideal, don’t sacrifice sleep just to get your workout done early. Of course, this is all relative to your schedule.

It’s commonly suggested to avoid exercising late in the evening, or only an hour or two before you’re supposed to go to bed and fall asleep. Exercise increases your adrenaline levels, heart rate and body temperature which will keep you from falling asleep, though some people report feeling sleepy after vigorous exercise.

Mistake: Talking Too Much During Exercise

There’s nothing wrong with socializing a little bit here and there, or simply asking your certified personal trainer about your workout. However, constant chatter can actually reduce the return you’re getting on your workout. How? Not only does it detract from your focus, but excessive talking leads to greater periods of rest intervals, which then causes the body to cool down and slow down your metabolism rates. So, the more you talk, the less fat you’re burning. Seeing as you’re already putting in the time at our personal training gym, you might as well be putting in the effort, too.

Mistake: Exercising Too Frequently

For those who are extremely motivated to smash their fitness goals and lose weight or gain muscle (or both, in many cases), many people spend far too long on each workout session and exercise nearly every day without giving themselves a chance to rest or recover. To maximize your workout efforts, try to strive for that “Goldilocks Zone” where you’re pushing hard enough to challenge your body relative to your current level of fitness while allowing your body to recuperate in between sessions. This is the healthiest approach.

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No one that comes to Intelligent Fitness Personal Training is expected to know everything about fitness and exercise, and that’s perfectly fine! That’s why our certified personal training instructors are here to guide you through your workouts and help you reach your personal fitness goals. So stop searching “personal trainers near me” on the internet – instead, get in touch with our North Canton private fitness trainer experts today!

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