By: Melanie Neading B.S., FMSC and IF Trainer always on the move!

We all know that establishing a good routine for weekly exercise is essential to our health. Adhering to a workout plan requires commitment and is more easily done in a routine schedule. However, sometimes life just gets in the the way and finding time becomes difficult and downright impossible! The kids get sick, the car breaks down, a meeting is called, a family event comes up, then there are kids’ games, practices, birthday parties….you get the idea. Next thing you know, exercise becomes part of the stress you are trying escape from in the first place. Pause. Don’t let it become a stress! Some weeks it will flow easily into place in your schedule. Some weeks it won’t! Do not be discouraged and beat yourself up; you just need to be creative with the moments of time you do have and do what you can with what you have. After all, SOMETHING is better than NOTHING!   

Here are a few exercises I sneak into my day while performing some daily activities:

  1. Brushing your teeth:  One legged heel raises pair great with brushing! One minute per leg and you have worked your calves and have a bright, shiny set of pearly whites!
  2. Cooking dinner:  ‘A watched pot never boils,’ so get your hands on the countertop and push out some push ups!  Inverted push ups are easy you say? Try to slow them down to a 5 second count down and 5 second count up, repeat 20 times.
  3. Washing the dishes:  While standing at the sink activate the glutes and hips and do lateral leg lifts and front and back kicks, repeat 20 times. Add a set of 20 plie squats and your hips will tell you they got a workout.
  4. Blow drying your hair (sorry guys this one is for the ladies):  50 squats and hair is dry!  Don’t just stand there, pulse those squats out! Change it up and hold a wall squat while drying!
  5. Hit the stairs:  Instead of one trip down the steps, head back up them and repeat 5 times. Or stay on the bottom step for fire feet for 1 minute on 30 seconds off, repeat 5 times.  Seven and a half minutes and you’re done!

Just because you don’t get the full workout everyday, small bouts of exercise add up over the days and weeks.  Don’t sweat the small stuff; tomorrow is another day and your workout in the gym will be waiting for you.