There are times even Trainers have burnout… when we need picked up, dusted off, kicked in the butt and put back in the gym… when we need inspiration to keep the day moving forward. We get these things from our clients. Training isn’t just a job, an hour with a client, or a little motivational email. It is our life, what we do and who we are. But do you really know who we are?

  • We are not a mainstream facility or a typical personal training service.
  • We are not rep counters, drill sergeants or gym politicians.
  • We are educators who believe firmly in common sense as well as science.
  • We use the most cutting edge and effective training systems available to date.
  • We make certain that every second of your workout is accounted for.
  • We take the holistic approach to our practice, looking at the individual from three hundred and sixty degrees in their life rather than an appointment in the book.
  • We understand the important roles that sleep, food quality, food preparation, rest, repair and recovery techniques play in improving the vitality of the individual.
  • We have a bona fide passion for our profession and genuinely care about every single individual who chooses to put his or her trust into us.
  • This is what we do. Who we are and what we are about. We will take you as far as you want to go…

Let us design, build, maintain and sustain that vital lifestyle which you envision.

**Adapted from Gregg Miele