By Melanie Neading, BS & a “3”

More than likely, one of your recent training appointments began with your trainer holding a board in one hand and a pole in the other announcing your training is going to begin with a screening.  As you moved through your screening the initial panic probably wore off and you realized it really wasn’t that bad!  So what EXACTLY was that all about???  A test to see if you can come over to the new building?  Well…. not really, although I think I got a couple of raised eyebrows this week when I jokingly said it was!! 
The FMS stands for Functional Movement Screen.  The FMS helps identify muscle asymmetries, tightness, weakness and other risk factors for injury by examining the mobility and stability of the hips, core, shoulders, knees, spine and ankles.  The FMS scored simply, gives a good baseline of abilities and, through rescreening, provides a consistent measure of progress. The main purpose of the FMS is to seek out poor movement patterns so you can retrain the body to move in the most stable, efficient way possible.
 The motto of the FMS is “move well, then move often”.  The movements in the screen are species specific, not activity specific.  We expect our body to perform compound movements through out our daily life, for example picking something up off of the floor, putting a stack of dishes away in the overhead cupboard, etc.  We also ask the body to do compound movements in our workout routine; after all they are the ones that burn the most calories! 
The Functional Movement Screen can help prevent injuries before they occur by identifying risk factors. If you smoke a bunch of cigarettes, it doesn’t mean you’re definitely going to get cancer, but you are at a higher risk. The same goes for poor movement patterns. If you do nothing to fix them, chances are greater that they’ll catch up to you.
Because no one moves perfectly, anyone can benefit from being screened. Then you can put the results of a Functional Movement Screen test to work, retraining your faulty movement patterns and keeping yourself running like a well-oiled machine.
Because our bodies are not equally strong on both sides or from one area to another the movement is affected. It is very important to strengthen the weakness inside of each movement, not necessarily just the movement itself.  We, the trainers at IF, want you to be moving in safe, strong, correct positions. 
The FMS consists of 3 Levels.
1 – Inability to perform or complete a functional movement pattern.
2 – Ability to perform a functional pattern, but with some degree of compensation.
3 – Unquestioned ability to perform the functional movement pattern.

You will receive a 0 if the movement was painful, requiring a referral to a healthcare professional.
Once you are screened, we have a baseline for you and a level.  We can place you in appropriate levels in our Alloy Classes in our new facility.  Part of your membership is a FREE rescreening every 12 weeks.  We can progress you as you become stronger and more balanced, which is ultimately our goal.