We love our clients.
You let us have a career we love while working with the most fun & interesting people. (And getting to come to work in workout clothes is a bonus also!) So here are just a few reasons why we love you!
Donut Saturday
Disco Saturday
Only missing a workout when you are sick or on vacation – for over a decade!
The “Foam” roller
Finally becoming a “Real Client”
There is no finish line.
Spreadsheets for fruits & veggies
The 100 Challenge – twice
“Rotation – Rotation is key.”
I’ll do whatever you say
Crazy cat ladies
You can whine if I can roll my eyes
-My favorite part
-I hate this part
-Thinking I took your leg off because your keys popped!
Dedication is…
-5:00 am
-4 workouts a week
-16 years and counting
-Coming straight to a workout after a 24 hour shift
Just “tweaking” things a little
“Honey, I’m home!”
Missy!, Little S*!t, Hannah Banana & JoJo
In your 70’s and still rockin’
Weddings, weddings, & more weddings!
-“I don’t want to be like my mother.”
-To stand on my head & make O-H-I-O with my legs
-Be Awesome!
-Stay Alive
“All my bad habits stem from my husband.”
Still 2 feet away from touching my toes
Workout, spin, zumba, bootcamp, rest & repeat
Not crossing midline of your body… yet
Hostile takeovers
Cutting out sugar & doing a 180 with your diet
How’s your water intake been?
“Tuck that chin!”
Mother/Daughter bribes for the Hunger Games
A successful squat
Running several half marathons in one year thinking a 5k was hard
“The burn” of your first lateral walks
Fighting the war against Sarcopenia
Going all in on incentives…and needing some bandaids because of it
And my favorite words as you are leaving… “I feel so much better!”

Thank you for your continued support!