By:  Tyler Murphy, BEd, CPT & voodoo flosser:)

I have spent a good majority of my life in the gym working to get fit and stay at the top of my game for whatever sport was in season at the time. One of the most important aspects of exercise that I’ve come to realize after all these years is that mobility and recovery are crucial to any growth or strength potential.

One of the best tools for accomplishing these aspects that I have found is the Voodoo Floss band. Voodoo Floss is a stretchy band of elastic material that athletes will wrap around different affected body parts or joints both before and after a workout to increase mobility of the joint and to enhance the recovery of the muscle. The floss helps to break up intramuscular “junk” that builds up within the muscle using blood flow restriction. Athletes will wrap the band around an affected area, rolling from the top down and leaving the “loose end” near the bottom of the wrap, and force it through its full range of motion (ROM) creating friction between the muscle fibers, breaking up scar tissue, lactate buildup, and other junk that they wouldn’t be able to get with a foam roller or lacrosse ball. Voodoo floss only stays on for about two minutes.

When the band is released, a rush of blood flow streams in bringing nutrients for growth and healing, and clearing away all the garbage that was just broken up. It can also help to stretch the hard to reach areas of the body, such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, and knees. In some cases, you’ll probably need a little hand from a friend to wrap you up. After wrapping the joint, put it through a full range of motion and not only will the band help with joint mobility, but also pain, stiffness, and tendonitis.

There are some places on your body that you should definitely avoid with the Voodoo floss. Head, face, and neck are clear No-No’s, as well as your chest, torso, abdomen, and back. Restricting blood flow to any of these areas can lead to some serious medical issues and should, under no circumstance, be wrapped.

If this tool sounds like something that would interest you in your fitness endeavors, you can check out my video below or stop into the gym and see me for a demonstration. I purchased mine from Amazon (you know….free 2-day shipping!!) and had it in no time. I highly suggest testing and retesting your lifts with and without the use of the floss, or try one side over the other and see if there is a difference between the two. I have definitely noticed a difference in my mobility and my recovery time since I started using Voodoo floss, not to the point of swearing by it but a clear difference.

Now get out there and get working!