Welcome to the third month of the year. You have made it through the worst of winter, you have adjusted to losing an extra hour of sleep, and now you’re faced with giving up on that New Year’s Resolution you started out doing so well with. It was easy in the beginning because you were eager to make the change, and you were seeing results fairly quickly; the problem now is that you are starting to plateau. This happens to everyone, but the people that have the will to persevere through the plateau are the ones that not only meet their goals, but they create healthful habits that last not just the year, but their entire life.

As trainers we obviously aren’t in this profession to become millionaires; we genuinely care about the people we serve, and it pains us to see the frustration on your faces when you hit the wall. The advice we give you isn’t just to keep you coming in the door, it truly will help you reach your goals if you can persevere. We have the tools and knowledge to mix up the program, vary your diet, and research any other topic of wellness that may be part of your goals; as long as you trust in us and have the will to keep moving.

Just like life, wellness has it times of ups and downs. There are weeks we get on a roll and everything seems great, other times we fall into a rut of going through the motions, and then there are the low spots where you feel like beating your head against the wall and you are ready to say “what’s the use?” Please don’t give up on yourself, because we haven’t given up on you. Have you ever waited for someone to show up at a certain time? You waited forever, and you thought I’ll wait just one more minute and then I’ll leave. Naturally, just after you stopped waiting they showed up; getting over the plateau is the same way. You never know when you are about to break through; the second you give up could have been the second before you changed your life. Spring is right around the corner; the new season could be a new season in your life as well so hang in there friends; persevere through that plateau!