By Danielle Wirick, MS, CSCS, FMSC

  1. Get Your Mind Right.  Imagery. Mental Preparation. Visualization. Readiness Factor. Whatever you call it, you have to get your mind in the right place or you won’t be able to make changes to yourself physically.
  1. Treat Your Body Like A Temple.  Eat real food, drink water, sleep and manage stress. You can’t feel good working out and be successful in your fitness routine if you load up on processed, high calorie foods that make you feel full even the next morning. Or if you are so dehydrated you can’t think straight and motor function is declined. Or if you are tired or stressed to the point of a weak workout.
  1. Train For Better.  Best said by Todd Durkin, “Don’t train to maintain, but train to get better.” Always set a goal and strive for it. If you are doing what you have always done… guess what! (You know… You’ll always get what you’ve always got!)
  1. Quality Not Quantity.  Don’t spend a lot of time working out. Wasted minutes don’t count in a gym. Quality minutes do. Some of my best personal workouts have only been 10 minutes.
  1. Be The Mirror.  When you decide to do it not just for yourself, but for someone or something else too, you will not only be more successful, you will have a transformation in your thought process.
  1. Prepare & Recover.  Prepare for your workouts… warm up, stretch, eat a few bites of carbs, hydrate. Recover after… eat protein, hydrate again, know when to rest, take care of injuries and soreness, sleep. If you think “I don’t want to eat before a workout,” or “I don’t need to warm up,” or “I don’t have time to stretch after my cardio.” then you’re missing the big picture. Preparation & recovery are important aspects of good fitness. If you don’t do them you are cheating yourself and it will someday catch up to you.

These things are hard. This is what makes our training different and our clients different. We are here to help you accomplish these six steps and more!