By Mel Neading, BS & class enthusiast 

As we grow ever closer to the Grand Opening of our NEW facility, some changes have begun to take place.  We as trainers have adapted a few new techniques that we know will help our clients become stronger, healthier, and happier!!  I talked about the FMS screen in a previous blog and how the screen helped us as trainers to put everyone into a proper level.  Now that we know what level you are, what does that mean and what are these classes????
Some of you took part in our FREE classes we offered over the past couple of weeks.  Those of you who did had the unique opportunity to see what the future of IF has to offer.  For those who couldn’t take them, allow me to break down for you what it is that we are offering.
The new IF has adopted the Alloy Training program.  Through this program we are able to offer Small Group Training (SGT) as well as Team Training (TT).  Small Group Training are groups of 2-5 people with 1 trainer.  This is still very individualized training and ANYONE can sign up for these sessions.  The trainer is very hands on and will know what level you are, as well as the others in the group & the best part is that you do not all need to be the same level!  The workout will be based on YOUR strengths and weaknesses.  You can join a SGT session with a friend or we can pair you up with others in a group!  Although it’s not as high touch as one-on-one training, it’s a cost effective way to have individualized training while being social with others who want to put their health first!
The Team Training (TT), which are our classes, will be a larger group of up to 8-10 people with 1 trainer.  There are 3 different TT classes which we will be offering regularly.

  • Level 1, Foundations (Found).  Anyone who was placed at a level 1 & above (almost all of you!) can participate in Foundations.  These classes will help you get stronger and gain the central building blocks of the programs.
  • Level 2, Afterburn (AB).  AB is very metabolic, so come prepared to SWEAT!  You must have at least a level 2 score on the FMS in order to participate.  This would be considered intermediate-advanced with 1-2 progressions for each movement.  AB combines components of strength training and cardio to fire up your metabolism, increase your heart rate, and burn calories, even after your workout is done.
  • Level 3, Industrial Strength (IS).  IS is just how it sounds, for building strength.  The emphasis being on the quality of movement and increasing strength rather than metabolic movement, in other words a lower heart rate, lower reps, higher weight.  It also contains 1-2 progressions and pairs well with the metabolic class, Afterburn, to work your body in different ways to get superior results.  You will need to have scored a level 2 or higher on the FMS for the IS classes.

Talk to your trainer if you have any questions about any of the classes or SGT. Even if you are not on a Small Group Training membership, you can always add a session to see what it’s like.  (On Account SGT pricing is $35/1 hour session). Our class schedule will be out very soon & all classes are FREE to those on a membership. ($15/class On Account) We feel these are a great addition to one-on-one training to get in 3-5 days of exercise per week. All of our classes need to be scheduled just like our other services & all of the trainers will be teaching the different levels of classes throughout the week.

We are looking forward to seeing you in class!!