ski_all_copy_mediumthumbBy Danielle Wirick, MS, CSCS, FMSC & passable skier!

Everyone has a crappy week now & then, even your happy Trainers! Mine was this last week – a little sad, a little bad and a little annoying. In fact, last night I didn’t even have this issue of the IronWire done because I didn’t like my blog and I didn’t feel the motivation from it that I usually do.

So awhile back, Steve and I made plans with the kids to go skiing last night and to say I wasn’t in the mood was an understatement. But then I got outside, took a good breath, got on the slopes and remembered onereason why I like to move… PERSPECTIVE. Moving, especially outdoors, puts everything in perspective for me. Nothing is ever as bad, sad or annoying after you’ve been active and your feel good endorphins start kicking in. Being outdoors in the Ohio winter air can be a wonderful drug I hope you all get the chance to experience this winter. But I also know it can be hard to put forth the effort to get outside when you don’t have someone pushing you to do so. I’m lucky to have an active family, friends & co-workers. And if you feel like you can’t get outside because you don’t have that support network yet, remember that you always have us at IF.

So even when its cold & bleak looking outside – even if you’ve had a bad week and don’t feel like doing anything – get outside, get moving and gain a little good mood PERSPECTIVE.