By Shelley Miller, BA, CPT, PN1

The trainers here at Intelligent Fitness have discussed post workout nutrition numerous times. One of the main points in post workout nutrition is to save your excess carbohydrates to eat after exercise, which is still a true statement. However, a concern can arise from this principle as well. Are you eating too much post workout?

After an intense exercise session, many people believe they have worked hard enough to treat themselves to food. Depending on the person, a “treat” may be a piece of bread, a serving of rice, or it could mean a piece of cake, or a serving of M&M’s. The difference between these two ideas can determine if you do or do not reach your goals.

Incorporating a good workout into your daily living will obviously burn more calories than if you don’t. However, this does not mean a green light for you to eat whichever foods you want. A tip you can use to eat less after exercise is to think of your workout as a fun activity. Research has found that when you think of your workout as fun, you are less likely to indulge in sweets and poor food choices. A study done by Cornell Food and Brand Label found that those who believed they had been on an exercise walk ate 35% more chocolate pudding for dessert than those who believed they had been on a scenic walk.

Are you reaching your weight-loss, nutrition or exercise goals? If not, you may want to think about if you are overeating during your post workout meals and which foods you are selecting to eat. This may be the trick to losing those extra 5 pounds!