I am the youngest of three girls and can remember growing up always admiring my sister’s in the various sports they played. My parents always let us try any sport we wanted to as long as we tried our best and finished out the season. No quitting! After numerous attempts at softball, gymnastics, and basketball, I began playing soccer at 9 years old. I can remember finally falling in love with a sport I knew I wanted to play for as long as possible. Through soccer, I discovered my passion for strength (mental and physical) and conditioning. In high school I began running track because I wanted to be faster in soccer and because my friends ran track. Little did I know that my track coaches, along with my soccer coaches, would spark the fire in me to want to help other people with their strength and conditioning. When I saw how training and proper nutrition helped me excel in my sports, I was hooked. And I knew it was something I wanted to teach others. Not just for sports, but for a better way of life.

I went on to play soccer in college while earning my bachelor’s degree in Adult Fitness. In fact, my senior internship was under the watchful eye of Danielle which turned into my first personal training job. Over the last 15 years, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to continue my career at reputable health and wellness facilities in Kentucky, Florida, and Ohio. I’ve also continued my passion for soccer and am always finding new “sports” to feed my competitive drive. I’ve run a full Marathon, multiple half marathons, competed in mountain biking races, and more recently, CrossFit competitions. Each time I learn a little more about myself so I can help others​ learn more about themselves. I am thankful for my parents willingness to let us try new things and teaching us that it’s important to work hard and never quit. To this day those character traits flow through in my desire to be adventurous, to compete, and in turn help others accomplish more than what they thought they were capable of doing.