Now that Intelligent Fitness is back on Facebook, I started looking around on it at all the other Fitness Trainers in our area. And first, let me start by saying that I realized we are NOT like other fitness trainers. We are NOT out to get you a better butt, ripped abs or to lose 40 lbs. in 4 weeks.

That’s nice, but for us, that’s not real. Our clients want the better butt or ripped abs (and we’ll get them there!) but they also often have more pressing issues than they know what to do with! Heart Disease of various forms, Cancers – yes, that’s with an S, medications that rival a pharmacy, orthopedic issues that are keeping doctors in BMW’s, immune systems problems that make me hurt to watch them, and even just the person who doesn’t know a dumbbell from a kettlebell and doesn’t want to become an orthopedic issue. That’s what we deal with.

If all you need is a better looking butt, then I know some trainers that really are fabulous at helping you get there. But if you have issues that make you think you may never move the same, play with your kids, get to a point of health and wellness, all while being safe – well, then it’s time to see us, because we are NOT like other fitness trainers.