By Reese Floyd, forward-thinking CPT!

As we strive to be healthy beings we exercise, eat a proper balanced diet, and avoid illness to the best of our abilities. However time and again sickness strikes and we go to the medicine cabinet. We measure a dose, chase it with some water, and we play the waiting game. What if there was a more natural way of treating what ails us? In homeopathy, the thought is that we work with our bodies to fix ourselves.

Homeopathy is a practice of stimulating the body’s self-healing abilities to by exposing itself to small amounts of a substance that produces similar symptoms.  This principle is “like with like” in the idea of using what we have internally to fight off illness. The Greek physician Hippocrates recognized this in 5th century BC, but it wasn’t until the late 18th century that German physician Samuel Hahnemann started homeopathy. The idea is that the human body’s natural state is one of health, and we posses the ability to heal ourselves. So what is used, what can it treat, and how can it help us?

A homeopathic practitioner uses ointments, powders, tinctures, and pills to treat a variety of ailments from anxiety to eczema. Most homeopathic medicines are thought to be the safest preparations known to medical science. The most of them are derived from plants, animals, and animal byproducts. They are created by grinding the active ingredients, then mixing them with water and alcohol. This process allows the ingredients to soften and steep, and the liquid is filtered to produce a tincture. This allows homeopathic physicians to administer extremely powerful but minute therapeutic dose. Homeopathy often looks to consider the state of the whole individual, not just the physical aspects of the illness. One can follow homeopathy as the general rule, backing it up with conventional medicine as required.

When considering homeopathic remedies keep in mind that each individual’s response to a treatment will vary from person to person. As well each remedy will come in different potencies. Theses potencies ranging from single digits in the hundreds and thousands and will affect the body from its acute symptoms to the mind and emotions. It will always be best to first consult a homeopathic physician when seeking out particular treatments, and what remedy is best suited to the symptom. So, let us all strive toward a better, and naturally healthy life.