Tattoos have become more and more popular in today’s society. They no longer keep you from getting the job that you want, or have people believing that you are automatically in a gang. As someone who has multiple tattoos, I believe that they are a great way to express events or times in your life that you would like to remember forever. Now, they might be able to even save your life.

Researchers at MIT and Harvard Med School are developing tattoo ink that acts as a mood ring and can change colors in response to different health issues. The ink was developed as a research project to help those suffering from diabetes. Biosensors embedded in the ink change colors from black to brown when the person’s blood glucose levels increase, saving them from having to prick their finger multiple times a day to test their blood and easily alerting them to when they need insulin. These biosensors can also detect the pH in the intestinal fluids that flow under our skin, changing colors with the increase in sodium intake.

These tattoos can have an incredible impact on the world of medicine and health and fitness. The ability to be able to track and monitor medical issues without the use of bulky machines that get in the way or painful pricks every couple hours can make these patient’s lives so much more fulfilling and free. This is just the beginning of something that can revolutionize the world as we know it.

This is just a research project at the moment, but this technology has already begun to be used. Last year, MIT developed high tech temporary tattoos that use off-the-shelf materials, syncing to your devices as a swipeable interface right there on your skin, controlling playlists and volume or managing your laptop’s mouse.

These advances in technology can lead to the first “healthy tattoo” out there with endless possibilities. The future is here.