By Ilsa Jones, BS, CSCS & Competitive Powerlifter (yes, you read that right!)

Get ready!   This barbell only workout complex and is a form of HIIT. HIIT is an awesome way to increase your caloric expenditure and to improve your aerobic capacity. These exercises are effective in increasing overall body strength, as well as effective in raising your heart rate when performed as a circuit like the workout below.

This workout consists of 4 exercises that will be repeated one right after another without rest until the 4th exercise is finished. This is considered one round. Each exercise will be performed for 8 reps. The length of the circuit is 5 rounds.

The load will be lighter than what you would regularly use for a standard set of 8 since all the exercises will be circuited together. The weight should be appropriate enough to challenge you, but allow you to maintain proper form throughout the circuit. If it feels like your form is breaking down after a few rounds in, then switching to a lighter weight is necessary. Remember while cycling through all of the exercises to maintain good posture, proper breathing technique and an activated core. Feet positioning should always be hip to shoulder width, or in an athletic stance.

  • 5 Rounds of 8 reps each for each exercise
  • No rest time between exercises
  • 30 seconds of rest between each round of all the exercises.
Barbell Overhead Press
Barbell Bent Over Row
Barbell Straight Leg Deadlift
Barbell Squat
Rest (30 Seconds)

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Have fun being strong (and out of breath)!