by Danielle Wirick, MS, CSCS, FMSC & probably eating too much as you read this!

The holidays are here and chances are you’re eating high calorie and sugar laden food! Here are a few tips for how to control the damage of the holidays and to be able to jump right back on track to healthier eating.

Too much sugar? First, get rid of the sugary foods in your house -right now! Then go heavy on the protein for the next few days, chicken, fish, eggs, and even a little red meat. Add a little cinnamon to your foods, coffee or tea. Cinnamon has been found to help control blood sugar in diabetics. Your goal here is to work on stabilizing your blood sugar again!

Too much salt? First, avoid eating processed foods and avoid eating out as much as possible for a few days. Drink more water, eat more potassium rich foods (white beans, tomatoes, potatoes, & bananas to name a few), and exercise. Your goal is to get your kidneys to remove the excess salt quickly!

Too many calories? First, get rid of the fat, sugar, & salt laden leftovers. (No, not by eating them – give them to friends or family who could use a few extra meals.) Keep some of the turkey though. (Remember when you ate too much sugar?) Try to go for a walk right after any heavy meals, find something to do other than pick at leftovers, and plan your meals for the next few days. Your goal is to keep calories lower in the days following to offset what you just ate.

Too much alcohol? First, drink water – you are probably dehydrated. You might even want a sports drink to balance out your electrolytes. Take your multi-vitamin since alcohol is a diuretic and will take your water-soluble vitamins right out of your body every time you use the bathroom! Get in some light cardio. Your goal is to metabolize the alcohol as fast as you can and get re-hydrated so you don’t feel so lousy!