Press Release:

NORTH CANTON and CANTON OH, Concorde Therapy Group and Intelligent Fitness, LLC today announced a partnership for their patient and client services and Sports Enhancement program. Intelligent Fitness, a personal training facility and Concorde Therapy Group a private physical therapy group have joined forces to provide greater care and improved health for their clients, athletes and patients.

With this symbiotic relationship between Concorde’s therapy services and Intelligent Fitness’ training services, patients and clients can seamlessly transition between the two businesses. Concorde’s patients now have the ability to segue directly into any personal training services at Intelligent Fitness promptly and at a reduced cost. Concorde will be referring patients to Intelligent Fitness that need more fitness based activity after therapy to help them transition to their regular activities. “We have always had a great relationship with the Physical Therapists at Concorde, they’ve been willing to get our clients in as soon as possible, they listen to what we see going on with them and when the client allows, they give us feedback so the client can get better, faster. They’ve always been there for us with advice or recommendations to help us get our clients back to their better selves,” said Hannah Alderfer, Medical Fitness Lead Trainer. In return, Intelligent Fitness will be considering Concorde Therapy Group as their primary source of referral for clients needing therapy. With the permission of the person, staff at both businesses will work together during any person’s transition to be sure the best care is taken to bring them beyond their previous level of health.

As a component of this partnership, Concorde Therapy Group has also turned over their Sports Enhancement program to Intelligent Fitness. Concorde Therapy Group, which is well known for treating runners, swimmers & overhand throwers along with numerous other athletes, will also be referring their athletes to Intelligent Fitness after therapy to bring them back to the level of play they need to be at for their sport. The program will be managed by Tyler Murphy, BEd, CPT.  “Having been employed by both Concorde and Intelligent Fitness, I am excited for this partnership.  It will allow us to give our athletes more options and services to improve their sport, and give me the opportunity to build the Sports Enhancement program to an amazing level,” said Tyler Murphy, Sports Enhancement Lead Trainer.  With the expansion of Intelligent Fitness into a new facility summer of 2017, there will be ample space and opportunity for the development of the Sports Enhancement program, which will be based on sport specific training but also the mental approach to sports and, with the assistance of Concorde Therapy Group, injury prevention.

“Therapy and Training should no longer be thought of as completely separate entities.  For us to move into a community of prevention, I feel we need to work together to improve the lives of others.  It’s time to let our ego’s go and work for the better of the person and we couldn’t ask for a better company to partner with to accomplish this.  We’ve already been loosely working with Concorde over the past 10 years, this will just solidify our commitment to each other’s business,” said Danielle Wirick, Owner of Intelligent Fitness, LLC.


About Concorde Therapy Group

Concorde Therapy Group is a multidisciplinary, therapist-owned, private rehabilitation practice with the goal of providing high quality, cost effective care in convenient outpatient settings. The practice incorporates Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology services, with facilities conveniently located in Belden Village, Alliance, Louisville, Hartville and North Canton.


About Intelligent Fitness, LLC

Intelligent Fitness, LLC is a local training facility with the goal of guiding their clients to exceptional health and wellness regardless of their starting point.  Intelligent Fitness will soon be moving to a new, larger facility that will quadruple the facilities current size.  Intelligent Fitness will then begin incorporating more training options for all levels of fitness from the post-therapy patient to the elite athlete. Intelligent Fitness, LLC can be reached at 330-806-0192, or at


If you would like more information please call Danielle Wirick at 330-806-0192 or email her at